domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008


Which one is Fay Weldon?

What is a she-devil?...1986 Fay Weldon´s "The life and loves of a she-devil" pays a homage to the powers of the plastic surgery. A woman can buy love whenever she gives a chance to the wonders of the scalpel( in the book version, radical surgery turns the protagonist, Ruth, into a heroine). The book was made into a film in 1989 by Susan Seidelman, called "She-devil" , starring Meryl Streep-the latest "Mamma Mia" perfomer- Have a look at the following clip of the film to see... what´s the book about?

Listen to it once again...can you hear Ruth´s husband saying " Women need no books".......what a heresy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Now watch the first clip of the movie...

What is beauty about?

Proceed to the last clip of the movie...

What has happened?

Finally, if you have a look at the book summary in chapters, you´ll see that the movie is not so BITTER...the end of the book is much devastating....a definite revenge much more contrived takes place: death and punishment looming large. Ruth, the ruthless, seems to be she-devil in the book and a naughty one in the film, a sugarcoated version for the world wide American film market ....

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