sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2007

Solutions of Charlie and the chocolate factory activities

Here is the key:

Mr. Wonka: eccentric
Veruca Salt: capricious
Augustus Gloop: always hungry.
Violet Beauregard: competitive.
Mike Teevee: obsessed.
Questions on the parents photograph:

a) What is the parent that is not like the others? charlié grandad, too old to be a daddy.
b)What character isn´t on the picture? Augustus Gloop, he disappeared in the chocolate lake.
c) Match:

-Fat woman: Augustus´ mum
-Old man: Charlie´s grandad.
-Blond woman: Violet´s mum.
-Elegant man: Veruca´s dad.
-The man with the glasses: Mike´s dad.

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