sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2007

Oyster Boy

English version

This version is bilingual

Today´s book is a poetry one. It´s about DEATH and the miracle of being ALIVE.
Let´s introduce the author in English

As you can see, Tim Burton is also a famous film maker, can you recognize some of his most popular films in the video above?
Now let´s have a look at some of the characters of this poetry book

What have all the characters got in common?
Now let´s have a look at the animated version of four of my favourite poems:
1st. "The staring girl" (specially dedicated to Nacho Lucena´s fly)

... about this video...why is there an ill man at the end of the video? why does his bed explode?

The next one is called "Voodoo Girl"

Why is voodoo girl bleeding at the end of the story?

Now, let´s see "The Story of Brie Boy"

- What´s Brie Boy made of?

- What has Brie Boy got in common with the Rudolph the red-nose-reindeer?

- What´s Chardonnay, the word that appears at the end of this video?

Finally, a present (specially dedicated to my 2nd form post-compulsory education students... )

-Did you enjoy it?

-Why is it entitled "Vincent"? What actor does the video pay homage to?

-Is there any literary author mentioned in the video? Is there any of his literary works mentioned? Which one?

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Ana Carmen dijo...

Bueno, aquí la co-autora...porque el co-autor se llama Eduardo...muchas thanks Eduardo por tu inestimable colaboración...