viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008


Roald Dahl strikes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let´s go up to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School time is back again!!!!!!!!!. Watch this video version of Roald Dahl´s The way up to heaven: The actors and actresses are GERMAN STUDENTS OF ENGLISH acting out the story...don´t you think their pronunciation is fantastic?...have a look...

What do you think about the husband and wife´s relationship? What is she-Mrs. Foster- so worried?

Why is Mrs. Foster laughing at the end of the story?...Let me know...A black story..isn´t it?...And welcome back to school once more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 comentarios:

isabel dijo...

welcome,is a pleasure for me see you again. Happy academic year.
Sorry for my english.

Ana Carmen dijo...

Never mind....likewise, the pleasure is mine....nothing to be merited I´m swimming in my "own sea".....the best regards