sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008


This is children´s story time.....listen to the story, it is the story of Winnie the witch and her beloved cat, Wilbur. They love each other quite a lot but they had a problem...which one?...how did Winnie solve the problem?.

Did you like this charming story?....now listen to the song and complete the blanks:

Winnie´s song
A big tall __________
Ten long ____________
A black magic wand
A long red _________.
She´s Winnie
Winnie the witch.
A long black __________
Big green ___________
He goes with Winnie
when she flies.
He´s Wilbur
Wilbur the cat.

The missing words are: TAIL, EYES, HAT, NOSE, TOES (Which one is the odd word out?)

Are you good at painting...print the "colour me Winnie" and enjoy yourself.

I had a great time reading this story to my little Angela, when she was younger...I hope you have a good time too ( it is published by Oxford and it includes a video, and activities to do with the story; the lay-out is amazing.... Don´t miss it, parents and teachers)

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